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Larios Landscaping offers custom designed landscape maintenance plans to fit your budget.  We use the newest up to date equipment and have an experienced staff which allows us to get the job done right and at an affordable price. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.  

Some of our lawn maintenance services include

Spring Clean-up: Removal and disposal of all leaves & debris. Lawn will be power-raked, edged, and mowed. Garden beds cultivated and edged. 

Lawn Aeration: We remove small plugs of soil throughout your lawn.  This improves the flow of air, water, and fertilizer into the roots of the lawn.  This makes the soil less compact which makes for a healthier lawn.

Overseeding of lawn:  We use high quality Kentucky blue grass seed which grows in nicely to match your lawn.  The seed is then covered in peat-moss to protect it from critters or from washing away.  For shady areas we over a professional shade mix grass seed.

Gutter cleaning:  All gutters are cleared of debris as well as downspouts.  Gutters are cleaned in the Spring, Fall, or both depending on your needs

Lawn Maintenance:  We will mow, trim, and edge lawn on a weekly basis, we will also cleanup all paved areas and sidewalks.  Garden beds kept cultivated, edged, and weed free.  Our professional staff deadheads your plants and flowers as need be throughout the season.  

Lawn Fertilization:  For optimal results we recommend our Fertilization Program   Plans can be customized as well.  

Weed Control:  Using both our weed and feed fertilizers as well as weed spraying we make sure your lawn is weed free 

Grub Control:  We provide season long protection against grubs.  Usually only one or  two applications are necessary.  Grubs should be protected against because if you wait until you see them they can wipe out your lawn before you even know they are present.

Bush Trimming:  Bushes are usually trimmed once or twice a year.  We can customize you plan to include season long bush trimming, or trimming when requested.  Usually Trimming is done midsummer and then again if need be in the fall.

 Fall Clean-up:  Clean-up of leaves and lawn debris, clean flower beds, and clean all sidewalks and paved areas.